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Stephen Grima was born in Mellieħa, Malta in 1979.  Grima always had an innate passion for drawing; it was never a mere hobby but his means of expression. His growing need to expand his artistic horizons, was re-enforced upon meeting artists such as, George Fenech, Steven Grissworld, Paul Buħaġiar and Christopher Azzopardi at the time he started studying art at Liċeo Mikiel Anton Vassalli.  As a student his work has been rewarded in various art competitions.


Stephen Grima furthered his studies in drawing and  painting  at the University of Malta Junior College (1995- 97) under Caesar Attard and Isabelle Borg and  History of Art under Fr Gino Gauchi.  He then continued tertiary education at the University of Malta (1997-2001) following a B.Ed. course specializing in Technical Design and Technology and eventually graduated as a teacher.


During these four years on campus he continued expanding his keen interest in the art of painting and sculpting by constantly creating and experimenting with new mediums and techniques. He followed various courses both in painting and history of art offered by the Faculty of Arts under the supervision of Lino Borg and Joseph Paul Cassar.  Meanwhile Grima also worked on various architectural and restoration projects with the stone  sculptor and restorer Emmauel Cini.


Stephen Grima also ventured in computer aided drafting and computer graphics, indispensable tools that permit him to create unique designs and materialize concepts and ideas.


In 2008 Grima met Italian artist Vico Calabro who helped him rediscover his passion for Buon Fresco painting. Immediately Grima started working and experimenting, but this time using only materials produced locally in the Maltese islands, creating various large scale frescoes. He also felt the need to pass on the knowlegde and passion for fresco painting to his fellow students, begining an initiative called Fresco Lab. In 2014 Grima has also been recognized as Maesrto Frescante by the Rotary Internationa Belluno.


In 2013/ 2014 grima produced the largest buon fresco in the Maltese Islands, measuring 74 square metre. Grima's work can be found in various art collections around the world.



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